October 17 2021 --- 1303 Merkley Rd, Gravenhurst ON


  • New Facility, track and trails.
  • Free Camping Saturday night.
  • Course is comprised of approx 7 km of single track trails as well as 80% of the MX track, = nearly 9km per lap.
  • Admission: $10.00 per person
  • Entry fees: $20.00 per class
  • Held in support of The Thistle VORF


  • Vintage: described as motorcycles built up to 1975, air cooled, twin shock, drum brakes and a maximum of 4 1/2” of rear wheel travel.
  • Heritage: described as motorcycles built between 1976 and 1982, no Disc brakes!
  • Evo: Described as bikes built from 1983 to current.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Social distancing requirements will be in force.
  2. Face masks are to be worn whenever social distancing can’t be observed. (Sign in, riders meeting etc.)
  3. Contract tracing forms must be completed and submitted to registration when you sign in. (email to have this and the entry form emailed to you so that you can fill them out at home and bring with you to save time at the registration desk)
  4. Entry forms are available by contacting
  5. All “ CASH “ event, we do not accept debit or credit cards.
  6. Camping is allowed for free on the Saturday night and gate is open from 1.00pm to 7.00pm.
  7. Staggered registration hours for various classes to reduce lineups and to make the event more user friendly.


Registration: 8.00am to 12.00 pm Staggered times.

  • Vintage: 8.00am to 9.30

  • Heritage: 8.00am to 11.00

  • Evo: 8.00am to 12.00pm

  • 9.45am Riders meeting

  • 10.00am Vintage Scramble

  • 12.00pm Heritage Scramble

  • 2.00pm Evo Scramble

  • 3.30pm Awards

About the event:

After having to cancel The Thistle VORF the last 2 years we are pleased to offer an event based mainly for the vintage era bikes, but also open to newer bikes.

The sole purpose of this event is to offer a competitive, unique outing that you can enjoy with your friends and fellow competitors.

To make it even easier to participate, we’ve staggered the sign in times to allow Heritage and Evo riders the opportunity to arrive later in the morning.

The event is comprised of both single track trails and the motocross track, hence the name endurocross. Starting will be like a motocross with a Flag start and once one complete lap of the MX track is completed, you will then start the actual course using the single track trails and MX track. This will help spread the riders out before entering the single track trails.

In total, approx 80% of the MX track will be used per lap but it is recommended that a proper enduro bike be used as opposed to a MX bike, but it is open for either and totally your choice. Race duration is 60 minutes plus 1 lap with the race starts spaced 2 hours apart to allow for a decent breather between Scrambles in case you are riding multiple disciplines.

Scoring will be done manually and you will receive a helmet sticker at registration with a number on it that we will use to score. This worked great at The Thistle 2019.

Vehicle Info:

Parking is broken into 3 basic areas, area 1 is right at the entrance and will be reserved for participants with larger motor homes, trailers or toy haulers. This has easy access and is basically on the owners lawn. Area 2 is close to the starting line and is best for single vehicles and those with smaller trailers. Area 3 is an overflow area for single vehicles only.

If you have a larger trailer, please contact me directly at

About The Thistle 2022

The venue will be the same as this year but with a full year more development, so a good thing will be better. This truly is a special place for this type of event.

The 2022 Thistle VORF is being held AUGUST 12, 13 & 14th 2022.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and be kind, we'll be back.


John Lake Chairman The Thistle vorf

Friends of The Thistle

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